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Author(s): Alessia Ligresti, Aniello Schiano Moriello, Katarzyna Starowicz, Isabel Matias, Simona Pisanti, Luciano De Petrocellis, Chiara Laezza, Giuseppe Portella, Maurizio Bifulco, and Vincenzo Di Marzo.

A comparison of antitumor properties of different cannabinoids. The results obtained show that cannabidiol is the most potent inhibitor of the growth of cancer cells. View study


Author(s): Sean D. McAllister, Rigel T. Christian, Maxx P. Horowitz, Amaia Garcia, and Pierre-Yves Desprez.

CBD would help treat breast cancer since it can significantly decrease the development of metastatic cells. View study


Author(s): Ashutosh Shrivastava, Paula M. Kuzontkoski, Jerome E. Groopman, and Anil Prasad.

CBD induced both apoptosis and death induced by autophagy in breast cancer cells. View study


Author(s): María M. Caffarel, Clara Andradas, Eduardo Pérez-Gómez, Manuel Guzmán, Cristina Sánchez.

Cannabinoid-based drugs may be useful for the treatment of most subtypes of mammary tumors. View study


Author(s): María M Caffarel1,6, Clara Andradas1 , Emilia Mira2 , Eduardo Pérez-Gómez1 , Camilla Cerutti1,6, Gema Moreno-Bueno3 , Juana M Flores4 , Isabel García-Real4 , José Palacios5 , Santos Mañes2 , Manuel Guzmán1 , Cristina Sánchez.

Preclinical evidence indicating the possible efficacy of the use of cannabidoids in the treatment of ErbB2-positive breast cancer, characterized by highly aggressive phenotypes and a reduced response to standard therapies. View study