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Author(s): Lola Weiss1,* , Michael Zeira1, Shoshana Reich1, Shimon Slavin1, Itamar Raz2, Raphael Mechoulam3, and Ruth Gallily.

This study states that cannabidiol, which is known to be safe for man, could potentially be used as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. View study


Author(s): F. J. Bermúdez-Silva & J. Suárez & E. Baixeras & N. Cobo & D. Bautista & A. L. Cuesta-Muñoz & E. Fuentes & P. Juan-Pico & M. J. Castro & G. Milman & R. Mechoulam & A. Nadal & F. Rodríguez de Fonseca.

The stimulation with CB1 was able to increase the secretion of insulin and glucagon, as well as the lipogenesis in the liver and adipose tissue, blocking the incorporation of glucose in the muscle cells, which led to a “saving cycle”: lower expenditure energy and greater energy storage. The improved release of insulin can help facilitate the


Author(s): V. Di Marzo.

Endocannabinoids participate in the control of lipid and glycemic metabolism at several levels. View study