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Author(s): M.R. Pazos, V. Cinquina, A. Gómez, R. Layunta, M. Santos, J. Fernández Ruiz, José Martínez Orgado.

CBD has been shown to have short-term neuroprotective effects in the immature brain, suggesting that it could be used as a neuroprotective agent for neonatal hypoxiaeischemia. View study


Author(s): Ronen Durst, Haim Danenberg, Ruth Gallily, Raphael Mechoulam, Keren Meir, Etty Grad, Ronen Beeri, Thea Pugatsch, Elizabet Tarsish, and Chaim Lotan.

CBD exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These data highlight the anti-inflammatory and vascular stabilizing effects of CBD in endotoxic shock and suggest a potential beneficial effect of this natural cannabinoid. View study
Krabbe disease (1)krabbe-disease
Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis disrupts endocannabinoid-mediated neuroprotection. (2005).

Author(s): Anke Witting, Lanfen Chen, Eiron Cudaback, Alex Straiker, Lisa Walter, Barry Rickman, Thomas Mo¨ ller, Celia Brosnan, and Nephi Stella.

Through experimental methods, these studies suggest the potential of cannabinoids in the development of neuroprotective