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Multiple Sclerosis Cannabis Research


Author(s): Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care.

Benefits of Cannabis sativa extract in the treatment of patients with spasticity due to multiple sclerosis. View study


Author(s): L. Lorente Fernández b,∗, E. Monte Boquet b, F. Pérez-Miralles a, I. Gil Gómez b, M. Escutia Roig a, I. Boscá Blascoa, J.L. Poveda Andrés b, B. Casanova-Estrucha.

THC and CBD seem to be an excellent alternative for multiple sclerosis treatments, since it improves refractory spasticity and has an acceptable toxicity profile. View study


Author(s): Viviane M. Saito, Rafael M. Rezende and Antonio L. Teixeira.

Due to their peculiar chemistry, cannabinoids have imposed a challenge on researchers. Cannabinoids have so many benefits that even to date it is impossible to prove or discard each one of them. For now, science aims to understand how cannabinoid compounds are associated with neuroinflammation and how cannabis-based medicine can help millions of patients around the world. The development of safe and effective medicines based on cannabis must overcome the risk of adverse effects. View study


Author(s): David Baker, Gareth Pryce, J. Ludovic Croxford, Peter Brown, Roger G. Pertwee, John W. Huffman & Lorna Laywardk.

Cannabis has great therapeutic potential for the control of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. View study


Author(s): Anna Maria Malfitano Maria Chiara Proto Maurizio Bifulco.

Current treatments and the clinical studies based on cannabinoid treatments for the symptom amelioration in MS. View study


Author(s): Gareth Pryce, Zubair Ahmed, Deborah J. R. Hankey, Samuel J. Jackson, J. Ludovic Croxford, Jennifer M. Pocock, Catherine Ledent, Axel Petzold, Alan J. Thompson, Gavin Giovannoni, M. Louise Cuzner and David Baker.

The therapeutic use of cannabis could alleviate symptoms and delay neurodegenerative processes in multiple sclerosis and other diseases. View study