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Schizophrenia Marijuana Studies and

Schizophrenia Cannabis Research


Author(s): Hjorthoj CR, Baker A, Fohlmann A, Nordentoft M.

Studies on the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions in patients with schizophrenia and cannabis use disorders.View study


Author(s): Benjamin C McLoughlin, Jonathan A Pushpa-Rajah, Donna Gillies, John Rathbone, Hannele Variend, Eliana Kalakouti, Katerina Kyprianou.

Cannabidiol may have an antipsychotic effect in patients with schizophrenia.View study


Author(s): Leonora E Long, Daniel T Malone and David A Taylor.

Cannabidiol acts as an agonist of the vanilloid channel 1 in the transient receptor potential family (TRPV1) and also to inhibit the hydrolysis and cellular uptake of the endogenous cannabinoid anandamide. Cannabidiol also has potential as an antipsychotic. View study