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Author(s): L. Lorente Fernández b, E. Monte Boquet b, F. Pérez-Miralles a, I. Gil Gómez b, M. Escutia Roig a, I. Boscá Blascoa, J.L. Poveda Andrés b, B. Casanova-Estruch.

THC and CBD seem to be an excellent alternative for multiple sclerosis treatments, since it improves refractory spasticity and has an acceptable toxicity profile. View study


Author(s): Sven Gottschling, Homburg/Saar.

Therapists are always facing enormous problems when it comes to treating children with life-limiting illnesses and chronic pain, since most medications are not available in usable pediatric versions, not to mention the adverse effects they cause. It is in these cases where cannabinoids have an interesting therapeutic potential. View study


Author(s): Anna Maria Malfitano Maria Chiara Proto Maurizio Bifulco.

Current treatments and the clinical studies based on cannabinoid treatments for the symptom amelioration in MS. View study