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Author(s): I Bab and A Zimmer.

Recent studies in mice suggest that cannabinoid receptors could be an important objective to consider for the development of cannabinoid drugs to combat osteoporosis and to develop diagnostic measures to identify polymorphisms sensitive to osteoporosis in the CNR2 gene. View study


Author(s): M.R. Pazos, V. Cinquina, A. Gómez, R. Layunta, M. Santos, J. Fernández Ruiz, José Martínez Orgado.

CBD has been shown to have short-term neuroprotective effects in the immature brain, suggesting that it could be used as a neuroprotective agent for neonatal hypoxiaeischemia. View study


Author(s): Ronen Durst, Haim Danenberg, Ruth Gallily, Raphael Mechoulam, Keren Meir, Etty Grad, Ronen Beeri, Thea Pugatsch, Elizabet Tarsish, and Chaim Lotan.

CBD exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These data highlight the anti-inflammatory and vascular stabilizing effects of CBD in endotoxic shock and suggest a potential beneficial effect of this natural cannabinoid. View study


Author(s): In-Young Choi, Chung Ju, Angela M. A. Anthony Jalin, Da In Lee, Paul L. Prather, and Won-Ki Kim.

Type 2 cortical cannabinoid receptors could serve as potential therapeutic targets to treat cerebral ischemia. The cannabinoid transcaryophyllene protected brain cells from the effects of ischemia in rats. Post-ischemic treatment with transcaryophyllene reduced the size of cerebral infarction and edema, however, the anti-ischemic benefits of transcaryophyllene deserve further exploration. View study