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Author(s): Sumner Burstein.

Until 1963 the structure of the CBD was not completely elucidated, and THC was thought to be the most powerful and active component of cannabis, a belief that was mostly due to its psychoactive effects. Therefore, the therapeutic benefits of CBD were minimized for a long time. This study focuses on the therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. View study


Author(s): Viviane M. Saito, Rafael M. Rezende and Antonio L. Teixeira.

Due to their peculiar chemistry, cannabinoids have imposed a challenge on researchers. Cannabinoids have so many benefits that even to date it is impossible to prove or discard each one of them. For now, science aims to understand how cannabinoid compounds are associated with neuroinflammation and how cannabis-based medicine can help millions of patients around the world. The development of safe and effective medicines based on cannabis must overcome the risk of adverse effects. View study


Author(s): Sznitman SR, Zolotov Y.

Critical analysis about the use of Cannabis for therapeutic purposes and its effects on health and public safety. View study