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Author(s): Attila Köfalvi1,2, Cristina Lemos1$, Ana M. Martín-Moreno3,4,# , Bárbara S. Pinheiro1$ , Luis García-García5 , Miguel A. Pozo5,6, Ângela Valério-Fernandes1 , Rui O. Beleza1 , Paula Agostinho1,7, Ricardo J. Rodrigues1,2, Susana J. Pasquaré3,7, Rodrigo A. Cunha1,8 , María L. de Ceballos3,4.

This study was conducted on CB2R cannabinoid receptors (CB2R) in order to analyze their potential as therapeutic targets. It was found that CB2R has a general role of glucoregulation in the brain, which increases the therapeutic interest in CB2R agonists as nootropic agents.View study