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This Week's Cannabis News

Congress is Going to Make Marijuana Moves
Shakeup In Key Senate Committee Bodes Well For Federal Marijuana Reform
Cannabis Goes Global While The U.S. Falls Behind
Where Will Weed Be Legal Next? Asian Countries Race Toward Cannabis Legalization
Marijuana Bankers Drowning in a Sea of Paperwork
Feds Seek New Growers To Produce Thousands Of Kilograms Of Marijuana
Jackson County, Missouri Will Stop Prosecuting Marijuana Cases
Gubernatorial Win Could Mean Kansas Push Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization
Senate Majority Leader Guarantees End to Federal Hemp Ban
Michigan Colleges Will Continue to Ban Marijuana on Campuses
American Student Facing Death Penalty in China for Cannabis Distribution Released
Pennsylvania Governor Signs Law Eliminating License Suspension Penalty for Marijuana-Related Offenses, Other Crimes
How a Tiny Island Nation Could Use Cannabis to Disrupt Diabetes Care
How Does Law Enforcement Know Your Canadian Cannabis Is Legal? Keep Your Receipt
Wisconsin Sees Increasing Interest in Hemp Production
As Michigan Voters Approve Recreational Pot, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Warn of a Possible Shortage
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