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While fertilizer prices are up due to increased input costs out of China, we included an article that describes how to fertilize with less. To give the market a kickstart in New York, they are taking steps to give cannabis licenses to existing hemp licensees!

Los Angeles Angels’ baseball player Tyler Skaggs overdosed in 2019 on counterfeit oxycodone that seems to have been laced with fentanyl. They are trying the communications director Eric Kay for supplying pills to Skagg and four other ex-Angels. Players testified that taking oxycodone to deal with pain was normal in 2019. Did you know that 80% of heroin addicts start with prescription drugs? A few months after Skaggs’s death, Major League Baseball decided to stop testing for THC or CBD, while adding cocaine and opioids to the list of tested drugs. Hopefully, Skaggs’s death will serve to help others avoid his fate. I think that CBD is a part of that quest. :)

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