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California and Oregon are taking steps toward interstate commerce but this might cause the federal government to withhold funding. It could also create havoc for the industries of other states by flooding neighboring states with low-cost cannabis.

Good news! The IRS recently released new guidance on tax deductions for cannabis-related expenses. This is more beneficial to manufacturers and cultivators than dispensaries due to 280E restrictions.

A recent bankruptcy case of a Massachusetts cannabis company employee was dismissed because their income was derived from the cannabis industry. In another case, a California court allowed a cannabis company to access bankruptcy benefits, saying the company had removed its wholesale cannabis product manufacturing and packaging business by the time it had filed, and was not looking to reorganize as a cannabis business.

While these cases highlight some of the unique legal challenges faced by the cannabis industry, it looks like we are making progress. :)

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Stocks and Startups Briefs

Forian Inc. (NASDAQ: FORA) software BioTrack acquired by venture capital-backed Alleaves.

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (CSE: TRUL) (OTCQX: TCNNF) to be the first cannabis company to advertise on Twitter.
International Cannabis Market Revenue to reach $76B by 2027.

AmeriCann Inc. (OTCQB: ACAN) reports positive net income for the past four quarters; adjusted EBITDA growing to over $1.5M.
Cannabis Extraction Equipment Market to grow to $22.16B by the end of 2028.
Auxly Cannabis Group (OTCMKTS: CBWTF) closes private placement for 96 million shares, resulting in total gross proceeds of about $3.36M.
Petalfast : a route-through-market platform adds Freshly Baked to portfolio.
California establishes an accessibility program to expand cannabis retailer licensing to underserved areas, with $20M in funding.
Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSXV: KHRN) (OTCQX: KHRNF) (WKN: A2JMZC) secures loan with one of Colombia's largest banks.

Cash-strapped ECGI buys distressed East West Pharma Group.

New York estimated to add 63K jobs in the cannabis industry by 2025.