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As New York welcomes the regulated market, don't expect the illicit market to disappear. Coming from California, I can tell you not to underestimate the power of the illicit market.

There are lots of new cannabis laws going into effect in 2023. We have provided a state-by-state breakdown of them all!

Make sure to keep an eye out for Hop latent viroid (HLVd)! It’s said to have caused $4B in damages in California and regulation doesn't seem to be doing much to stop the spread of HLVd, a plant-specific pathogenic RNA, which degrades the THC levels.

Imagine taking mushrooms the next time you get into that MRI machine with those spooky noises. According to a recent study, it's way less nerve racking. Sounds like fun to me! I'm curious what waiting room patients will think when they hear lots of laughter coming from the lab. ;)

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