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I had no idea that the NBA was so relaxed about cannabis! The NFL could learn a thing or two from them. Canada came out with some regs on edibles with tiny milligram limits. The Californian heavy metals test required after the 31st might be a nightmare. In the world of Hemp, the FDA vowed to regulate CBD.
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video testimonials showing Parkinson’s patients trying cannabis CBD. Send this to anyone that has Parkinson’s disease or anyone that doesn’t recognize the medical benefits of this amazing plant. Then pat yourself on the back for being in this industry! Your Christmas present is the knowledge that you are making the world a better place. :) If you don’t feel this is relevant to you, feel free to unsubscribe.
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This Week's Cannabis Industry News
A new Law Legalizes Hemp, but the FDA Says it Will Still Regulate Cannabis
Big Cannabis Reforms Likely in NBA, Commissioner Silver Suggests
California Cannabis Collective Law to Sunset on January 9, 2019
Murder Conviction of California Doctor Who Recklessly Prescribed Deadly Opioids Upheld on Appeal
New York Mayor Comes Out Strong for Legalization With Equity
California Cannabis Industry Braces for Next Phase of Testing Costs
Pennsylvania Governor May Be Considering Legalizing Recreational Cannabis
Why Isn’t Medical Cannabis Available for Mental Illness?
New Zealand Will Vote on Legalizing Recreational Cannabis in 2020
Senate Could Vote on Trump-Backed Federal Cannabis Legalization Tuesday
New Tax Court Rulings a Mixed Bag for Cannabis Companies
Canada’s Draft Regulations for Cannabis Edibles Ban Alcohol Brands, Cap THC
Hemp legalization: Shifts for the Cannabis Industry Ahead
5 moments that Show 2018 Was Cannabis Legalization’s Biggest Year Yet
Oklahoma Quickly Becoming Cannabis Haven Since Voters Approved Medical Cannabis
Boom Goes Bust in Austria as Officials Ban CBD in Food, Cosmetics
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